Energy Healing and Meditation Summit

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An online event with 9 leaders in meditation, energy healing, spirituality, and wellness gathered to give invaluable insight and instruction on how to apply these methods in a modern day life.

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Why is energy and meditation important?

We’re exposed to an overflow of information and sensory input at all times. Phones, TVs, advertisements, food, drinks, sights, smells, pop culture—the list could go on forever. There are benefits to this direct and easy access to everything, but it’s also the cause of a more hectic, high-velocity lifestyle.

This is why moments of true peace are rare and more precious now than ever. So how do we connect or gain oneness with ourselves amid the chaos?

The need to regain inner peace and tranquility amongst the noise of modern-day living has reignited ancient practices like meditation, energy healing, and chakras in our society. If you’re one of the people who wants self rediscovery, grounded spirit, and deeper connection beyond the surface of your life, energy and meditation can pave the path for you.

Watch lectures at your convenience, from the leading experts in their fields

The Energy Healing and Meditation Summit offers a rich learning experience in which you can immerse yourself in the topics of energy and meditation. Use the contents to learn in-depth about using both to transform your body, mind, and spirit in ways that are straightforward and tangible. You’ll hear lectures from our energy guides in their specific topic of expertise, giving enlightening insights and methods you can actually apply to your daily life. The featured speaker and influencer in the downloadable summit is Ilchi Lee, the founder of Change Your Energy and President of Global Cyber University.

Watching this online summit for energy healing and meditation can have a life changing impact on you, revitalizing the connection you hold with yourself and your relationship with others. The insights and tips you’ll gain are invaluable, and the experience is unparalleled. Best of all, you can stream every lecture from the event in full, whenever you want. Learn to become the master of your life and join us in making a change!

Featured Speakers & Lecture Topics
Each lecture lasts 30 minutes - 1 hour.
Ilchi Lee

Keynote Speaker
President of Global Cyber University & University of Brain Education
Founder of Change Your Energy

Ilchi's Methods to Prolong Your Life
His lecture will teach you the proper way to breathe to optimize your health and longevity. Everyone breathes, but 99% of us breathe only the minimum amount to stay alive. When you become aware and consciously control your breathing, you can tap into the 1% that holds the secret to health. What could that method be?

Ilchibuko Todd

Keynote Speaker
Principal of Sedona 120 School

Ancient Energy Practices as Solutions for Modern Dilemmas
It's easy to believe that ancient practices are outdated and can't be applied to the modern day. Afterall, the words "ancient" and "modern" are polar opposites and don't seem like they'd play well together in the same sentence! But, there is a reason why some wisdom have withstood the test of time. Ilchibuko will share how to apply the 10,000-year-old Korean practice of Tao into our 2018 Instagram-crazed world, and how it actually is the solution for solving our daily problems.

Dawn Quaresima

Chakra Healing Trainer
Regional Manager of Body & Brain Yoga: New York East

Creating the Optimal Energy Balance for Health, Happiness, and Peace
Energy is all around us and in our bodies. When we take a deeper look at any physical ailments, they are all rooted in an energetic imbalance within. There are certain energy states that cause diseases and others that promote health in the body. What could those be? Dawn will be discussing the ideal energy condition that naturally supports a healthy body, mind, and spirit and how to create that state on your own through simple exercises.


Mind-Body-Spirit Trainer at Sedona Mago Retreat

Amp Up Your Energy Field
Do you want to know how to make your energy stronger, bigger, and more grounded? Byukwoon's lecture will be about how to feel your body's energy field and how to amplify it. He'll explain what energy is exactly, and how we can know for sure that it even exists in the first place. This lecture is fundamental to understanding the basics of energy and how to use it the way you intend.

Danielle Gaudette
Emotional Release Coach
Head Instructor of Body & Brain Yoga: Ravenna Park, WA

Heal & Release Emotional Traumas
Everyone experiences some degree of trauma in their lives, and it affects us on a subconscious level without our awareness or knowing. What is the real relationship between trauma and our energy? Is it something we can overcome even if it's so deeply ingrained in our minds? Danielle is a trauma release expert who will guide you on understanding the role of trauma and how to adopt healthy practices to overcome its grip.

Expert in East Asian Medicine and Acupressure
Head Trainer of Meridian Healing & Position Therapy

Meridian Exercises for Unblocking Stagnant Energy
Meridians are energy channels that connect your whole body together. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being are all directly related to the condition of your meridians. Learn about these important energy channels and experience an exercise that can open them in as little as 1 minute. Chungsuk is our meridian & acupressure specialist with over 30 years of experience.

Head Wellness Trainer at Honors Haven Resort & Spa: Ellenville, NY

Dynamic Meditations to Connect to Your Soul
What exactly is the soul, and why do we need to feel it? The soul might seem like an obscure concept, but it's essential to be able to feel and connect to it if you really want to know your true self beneath the surface. Join Chunghae for this enlightening talk about what the soul is and learn some easy exercises to connect with it at any time.

Yolessa Lawrinnce

Head Trainer of Spiritual Detox
Director of Sedona Healing Arts

Spiritual Detox for Boosting Meditation
Our bodies are vessels for a lot of information to come in and out. We intuitively know to be mindful of the foods we eat and the importance of detox, but have you heard of a spiritual detox? It's about detoxing--not just the body--but your mind and spirit from toxic information that is affecting your well-being. Learn with detox expert, Yolessa Lawrinnce, on how to experience a spiritual detox and how it can boost your meditation and energy sensitivity.

Alex Rivas

Former Football Athlete
Manager of Body & Brain Yoga: Pinecrest, FL

Mindful Muscle Building
We know that exercise is good, but adding mindfulness and proper breathing helps boost its effects even more and prevents sports injuries too. Alex is a former Division 1 college football athlete turned yogi who will teach you how to be in tune with yourself while doing some of the most common workout exercises.

Meet the Host
Linda Yoonjin

Linda Yoonjin is an expert in energy healing and meditation. Through experiential webinars, lectures, and workshops, she actively teaches about both topics and their roles in creating health of body, mind, and spirit. She currently serves as the resident energy guide at Change Your Energy, helping individuals meet their goals in health and wellness. She is the head trainer for the Pineal Gland Awakening workshop.
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